VeryJenny is a concierge fashion company which specializes in aiding people source for fashion items, from all over the world. It also offers bespoke tailoring and styling; which is bundled up with the offer for “one on one” fashion counseling.

Veryjenny is made up of a glam squad which includes the fashion consultant and designer, personal stylist, personal shopper, makeup artist, a team of bespoke tailors and a professional photographer.


One of the key values of the brand is to unify feminine elements which result in a strong and timeless clothing line. We created an overall brand aesthetic that aligns itself with VeryJenny’s clientele that embodies good looking designs and materials as well as functional and well fitting clothing. Below you can find some of the things we worked on, ranging from the new logo and modular icon to shopping bags, notecards, labels, stationery, a website and more.


The specifics of our journey with VeryJenny has helped us to support their growth as a cohesive brand attracting high paying clientele and brand excellence.

The VeryJenny Brand. Project executed in 2018