Sow Projects


Sow Real Estate is a real estate super brand, with its core interest in the delivery of mass housing and luxury apartments whilst emphasizing on the highest levels of excellence and luxury.

With a mandate to systematically provide structure and infrastructural reflection of today’s technological advancement to meet the basic needs of housing, style, class, and sophistication for living within Africa.


Sow Real Estate, gave us a pretty clear task – we simply had to beat her biggest competitor in the region and deliver a redesigned website that would convert their website visitors into new clients.

We sat down with the Sow team of Realtors and we came up with a plan that allows for a brand new design that allows their visitors to navigation and understand their brand values, properties, pricing, mortgage plans etc.


The result was a vibrant website with a very mobile friendly and communicative interface and user experience using iconography, high-resolution photographs, and well-researched content strategy.

Sow Real Estates. Project executed in 2018