Shopstudio24.com is Africa’s first and leading e-commerce platform for photography and multimedia products and services providing customers with pre-packaged solutions for the corporate and event industry.

With over 2000 customized themes  photo and video packages across various categories as weddings, maternity, birthdays and events etc. The platform is at the center of improving transparency and ease to getting amazing photo, video and print services.


One of the key values of the brand is to unify increase customer engagement within the corporate industry and create convenience for customers who can’t afford to always walk in to a photo studio to get detailed insight on their next photo shoot ideas. We created an overall brand aesthetic that aligns itself with Studio24’s clientele that embodies eye-popping photography and diverse location themes to encourage high variations.

We created a custom theme that was very light and fast with clear categorization to to ensure advanced search  visibility. We also ensure the brand’s elements were consistent and strategically featured across landing pages.


The specifics of our journey with Shopstudio24 has helped us to support their buisiness growth as a cohesive brand attracting high paying clientele and brand excellence.

Studio24 Nigeria. Project executed in 2017