Mendlife Foundation


Mendlife is one the fastest spreading non-profit in Sub-Saharan Africa with the sole aim of building a world of social equity and independence for the vulnerable and abandoned child. Having achieved a global impact within its first year, Mendlife has redressed systems so that they are more inclusive, clearly understanding the broadly defined terms of fairness and deprivations of less privileged children with special attention within Nigeria.


We partnered with the Mendlife team to digitally represent the values for which the non-profit stood for. These values are compassion, accountability, service, sustainability, integrity, and excellence and Heimdall team crack ways on how this could be achieved and took the following strategic approach.

  • Designed a structured brand identity with special details on typography, colour theme, and symbol. Using this template structure, the brand stationeries well further developed.
  • Built a custom web platform to communicate the values mentioned above and a backend web app to manage all donations, gift shopping, blogging, and CRM so as to ensure transparency and growth across all locations they operate.


Most non-profit websites don’t prioritize their user experience and journey, however we understand this of vital importance in telling their story. So we utilized images from various projects/outreach they had executed and complemented them with an intridging layout, colour gradient theme and the appropriate text. Now Mendlife website exhibits a user-friendly look on web with responsive design. With a successful project done, we trained the team on digital strategy and an improved way to telling their story and making a larger global impact

Mendlife Global Foundation. Project executed in 2018